Schott Communities’ Wish List is a shopping list of items that will directly support our efforts in our programs, services, and residences. Give a gift of a wish list item and support Schott’s mission of providing life-enriching opportunities to the deaf or disabled. For additional information on our Fulfill a Wish Program, please contact Ileana Ramiriez-Cueli, Executive Director, at 954-434-9649 or by email.

Group Home & Enrichment Programs

  • 5 ipads or similar tablet computers, $2,500
  • SMART Board, $2,000
  • 8 sturdy Art Easels, $1,160
  • 12-passenger van, $28,000

Marketing & Communications

  • 22-24mm Super Wide Angle Lens, $900
  • Computer, $800
  • Digital SLR Camera, $1,500

For Multi-Purpose Center Kitchen

  • Commercial Stove