“Schott Communities, founded with the belief that every person has the right to be treated with dignity and care, is dedicated to providing life-enriching programs, services and residences to meet the multiple needs of persons who are deaf or disabled.”

The Vision and Mission of Schott Communities are rooted in the sacred belief that God gifts each human person with dignity and goodness; that the worth of the person lies not in one’s productivity but in one’s ability to offer and receive love. The Schott Communities envisions a caring community that welcomes while it challenges persons who are deaf or disabled to enjoy full and contributive lives. This vision is reflective of the agency’s belief in God’s care for each person, and the responsibility to give visible expression to that care.
Members of Schott Communities give expression to their belief through efforts to provide programs and services that assess and address the multiple needs of persons who are deaf or disabled. In a pragmatic yet loving way the agency affirms the capabilities and contributions of the deaf or disabled to society. The agency aspires to offer a comprehensive program that integrates several dimensions of its ministry:
  • Personal growth and development
  • Educational and artistic experiences
  • Socialization
  • Religious formation
  • Residential care
In Schott residences persons who are deaf or disabled enjoy a gracious and safe environment that encourages them to develop skills for independent living, offers them opportunities to participate in social and recreational activities in the local community, and provides opportunities to strengthen their faith lives.

In response to the growing demand for residential care Schott Communities hopes to expand its residential community with additional group homes and apartments for the deaf and disabled.

Schott Communities strives to extend its ministry to the families and friends of persons who are deaf or disabled so that the Communities will include families, congregations, church members, and all who are committed to the agency’s vision and mission. Furthermore, the agency seeks to partner with communities of faith, local and national agencies/organizations that espouse a similar Mission and goals.

The Vision of Schott Communities compels the entire membership: Board of Directors, staff, residents, families, friends and supporters to exert every effort toward securing resources for the delivery of the mission.