Saturdays are exciting at Schott Center because of the Schott Adult Enrichment Program for the special needs community in the area. Students and a range of volunteers spend the day from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. playing games and charades, dancing, working on the computer and creating arts and crafts projects. Guest speakers, field trips and other special events are planned throughout the year. The Schott program is designed to maximize what can be offered during the course of a day:

  • Exercise component
  • Fun time
  • Life skills
  • Light academics
  • Socialization

Importance of the Program

Debra Silverman, Director of Programs stresses how critical this type of program is in the western Broward County area, “There are very few programs like this currently offered to the special needs community. Families worry about the lack of opportunities for socialization for their children."

What makes the Schott Saturday enriching program particularly unique is the quality of volunteers who graciously give their time, energy and compassion to the Center and its clients. Volunteers from the community as well as Best Buddies groups from local high schools attend every Saturday sharing activities with the special needs participants.

This type of program, which focuses on enriching their quality of life, not only fills a void, but also brings awareness and sensitivity to the young people engaged as volunteers.