Art classes are very popular with clients and very rewarding. Taught by professional artists, the classes provide students a medium of expression that is satisfying and therapeutic. While students learn the techniques of acrylic painting, they similarly learn how color and form convey emotion and feeling. In the classes clients explore their own creative response to the constraints and frustrations of disability; they paint with hands, feet, mouth or headgear - whatever means is available to them.

Completing a painting is an accomplishment that affirms the student artist’s skill and sense of self-worth.

Art Classes

Our emphasis is on the creative process, as the simple act of putting paint to canvas has both physiological and psychological benefits. Research shows that functions such as heart rate, blood pressure and breathing slow when people are immersed in an activity they enjoy. Creating art stimulates true neurological pathways from the brain to the hands.


As artists work alongside one another in a group setting, they find support and enjoyment in the company of others who share their unique experience in life. The components of the art therapy program include oil and acrylic painting, crafting and art on the computer.  Workshops and fieldtrips to cultural venues are offered with the support of local foundations and/or donors.

To view some of the work on our ArtThread Interactive Online Gallery, please click here.

Ford and Laura enjoy working on their latest creations. Ford said that he wishes he could come here every day!


Art classes meet on weekdays.

For information on classes and fees, please contact Schott Center at 954-434-3306.